Can You Live Through A Kitchen Remodel - How To Survive A Kitchen Remodel

Did you know that a kitchen remodel can increase your home's resale value by up to 15%?

But before you can bask in the glory of your new culinary oasis, there's a rocky road ahead filled with dust, noise, and a few weeks of takeout meals. However, don't fret. With the right strategies, you can keep your sanity intact and your life moving forward during the renovation process.

Intrigued how? Let's just say, it involves a lot more than just patience and planning.

Stay tuned, as we get ready to reveal some insider tips and tricks in our next discussion.

Key Takeaways

  • Set realistic expectations, understanding that kitchen remodeling is a process that takes time and may encounter delays.
  • Create a temporary kitchen space with essentials to maintain daily routines and minimize disruptions.
  • Implement strategic meal planning to reduce reliance on take-outs and manage stress during the remodel.
  • Discuss noise and dust management with the remodeling company for a smoother living experience during the remodel.

Understanding The Kitchen Remodel Process

Before diving headfirst into your kitchen remodel, it's essential to understand the process, ensuring that you're prepared for each step that Dreamscape Construction, under the expert guidance of Jeromie Haugen, will take to transform your kitchen into a culinary paradise.

The kitchen remodel process begins with an in-depth consultation where your design preferences, functionality needs, and budget constraints are assessed and incorporated into a comprehensive plan. This is where Dreamscape's expertise in home remodeling shines. They've got a knack for creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Next, they'll handle all aspects of general contracting - from securing permits to coordinating with architects and subcontractors. You won't have to worry about a thing as they manage the complexities of the kitchen renovation project.

During the construction phase, there'll be a flurry of activity in your home. But don't panic; it's all part of the kitchen remodeling process. Just remember, the temporary inconvenience will soon transform into a lasting delight.

Setting Realistic Expectations

When embarking on a kitchen remodel with Dreamscape Construction, it's crucial to set realistic expectations about the process, timeline, and end results. As a homeowner, you're about to survive your kitchen remodel while living in the same space, which can be both exciting and overwhelming.

  1. Process: Understand that your kitchen will be a construction zone. Expert general contractors will be working diligently, but it's not an overnight transformation. Patience is key.
  2. Timeline: Every remodel is unique, therefore, timelines vary. Delays can happen and should be factored into your expectations.
  3. End Results: Keep in mind that the final product will be worth the temporary inconvenience. Your dream kitchen is on the horizon.

Creating A Temporary Kitchen Space

Creating A Temporary Kitchen Space

To make the remodeling process bearable, it's essential that you set up a temporary kitchen space in your home, ensuring you can continue with your daily routine with minimal disruptions. This makeshift kitchen, far from the construction zone, will make your life easier during the kitchen remodel.

Start by selecting a space that's convenient and has access to water and electricity. It could be a section of your dining room, basement, or even a corner in your living room. Get creative with furniture rearrangements to accommodate your cooking needs.

Next, stock your temporary kitchen space with essential cooking utensils. Consider what you use daily and try to minimize. A microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, and a small refrigerator are must-haves. A portable two-burner stove can also be handy.

Remember, every day items like can openers, cutting boards, and a set of dishes are just as important. Store them in a clear plastic bin for easy access.

Lastly, don't forget about clean-up. Set up a dishwashing station close to a water source.

Surviving remodeling projects requires flexibility and a positive attitude. Your temporary kitchen won't be perfect, but it will serve its purpose until your dream kitchen is ready.

Smart Meal Planning During Remodel

During your kitchen remodel, planning your meals smartly can save you time, money, and stress. The remodeling process can be disruptive to your cooking routine, but with some strategic meal planning, you can survive this phase with minimal hassle.

Here's how to approach meal planning:

  1. Preparation is key: Before the remodel starts, prepare and freeze meals. This ensures you have home-cooked meals ready to heat and eat, reducing your reliance on take-outs and processed foods.
  2. Simplicity is your friend: Plan for meals that require minimal cooking or can be cooked using small appliances. Salads, sandwiches, and microwaveable meals can be lifesavers.
  3. Consider outdoor cooking: If the weather permits and you have a grill, consider grilling meals. This can be a fun and stress-relieving activity during the remodeling process.

Dealing With Noise And Dust

Amidst the excitement of a kitchen remodel, you'll need to brace yourself for the inevitable noise and dust that accompanies the process. This is an essential consideration, especially if you're living in the home during the remodeling.

In Florida, renowned remodeling company Dreamscape Construction, led by Jeromie Haugen, has mastered the art of managing noise and dust during kitchen remodeling. It's important to have a frank discussion with your remodeling company about your concerns. They can provide solutions such as setting up plastic barriers or using HEPA air scrubbers to minimize dust.

Noise can be more difficult to control, but not impossible. Ask your remodeler about their work schedule. This can help you plan your day around the noisiest activities. Don't forget about the option of using noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs when you're at home.

Managing noise and dust can be a challenge, but with the right strategies and assistance from professionals like Jeromie Haugen, it's manageable. Remember, the temporary inconvenience will lead to a newly remodeled kitchen that will bring you joy for years to come.

Staying Organized Amidst Chaos

Staying Organized Amidst Chaos

Navigating through the upheaval of a kitchen remodel, you'll find that keeping things organized can be your saving grace in the chaos. It's not just about managing the kitchen during your remodel, but also your sanity. Staying organized amidst the disorder is key to surviving this process.

Setting up a temporary kitchen can be a lifesaver. This makeshift space, perhaps in your dining or living room, can provide a sense of normalcy. Here's a three-step guide to help you:

  1. Designate a Space: Find an area in your home that can act as your temporary kitchen. Ensure it has easy access to water and electricity.
  2. Get Your Essentials: Gather all necessary utensils and appliances you'll need daily. Think about your coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and a few pots and pans.
  3. Use Storage Units: Utilize plastic storage bins to keep all your kitchen items in one place. Label them for easy access.

Balancing Home Life And Construction

Balancing the demands of your daily home life with the ongoing construction can be a juggling act, but with the right approach, you'll keep your life running smoothly while your kitchen transforms. Living without a kitchen during the span a kitchen remodel takes can be tough, but it's not impossible. Planning meals that don't require the use of a full kitchen, like take-outs or microwavable dinners, can be a lifesaver.

You'll need to prepare your home during construction, removing any non-essential items from the kitchen to save space. This will make room for the remodeling crew and their equipment. Also, establish a temporary kitchen in another part of your home, perhaps in the dining room or garage. Include essentials like a small refrigerator, a microwave, and a coffee maker.

Coping With Unexpected Situations

While you're acclimating to your temporary kitchen, it's crucial to prepare for the unexpected twists and turns that inevitably come with kitchen remodeling. Living in the house during a renovation project poses its challenges, especially when unexpected situations arise. Here's how you can brace yourself:

  1. Anticipate Delays: No matter how well you plan, understand that the remodel will take longer than expected. Supply shortages, weather, or unforeseen structural issues can cause delays.
  2. Stay Flexible: Be prepared to make quick decisions if changes are needed. If a product is out of stock or a design element doesn't work, you'll need to choose alternatives swiftly.
  3. Keep Communication Open: Regularly discuss progress with your contractors. They'll provide updates and help you navigate any unforeseen circumstances.

When faced with unexpected situations, remember to stay calm and composed. Embrace the chaos as part of the journey. Having a backup plan, maintaining a positive attitude, and keeping your end goal in mind will help you survive this exciting, transformative phase. Remember, every challenge you overcome brings you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

Celebrating The Completion Of Your Remodel

Celebrating The Completion Of Your Remodel

Once your kitchen remodel is complete, it's time to celebrate the hard work and dedication that brought your dream kitchen to life. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you'll feel at the completion of your kitchen remodel is unparalleled. Under the skilled guidance of industry expert Jeromie Haugen, your kitchen has transformed into a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Celebrating this milestone can take many forms, but the most fulfilling way is to use your newly remodeled kitchen. Throw a small party or dinner with close friends and family. It's a great way to display your beautiful new kitchen, and share the fruits of your labor. Make it a memorable event with your favorite foods, drinks, and people. This not only marks the completion of your remodel but also signifies the beginning of many delightful memories to be made in your new kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Eco-Friendly Materials I Can Consider For My Kitchen Remodel?

You're thinking green - that's great! Consider bamboo for flooring or cabinets, it's sustainable and durable. Recycled glass countertops add a modern touch. Also, look into energy-efficient appliances to lower your carbon footprint.

How Can I Keep My Kids Safe During The Kitchen Remodeling Process?

Yes, you can ensure your kids' safety during a kitchen remodel. Create a safe zone away from the work area, always supervise them, and explain the dangers. It's challenging, but you'll manage with careful planning.

How To Handle Pets During A Kitchen Remodel?

Sure, you can handle pets during a kitchen remodel. Keep them in a safe, quiet space away from the chaos. It's essential they're comfortable, have access to their necessities, and aren't exposed to potential hazards.

What Are Some Innovative Storage Solutions I Can Incorporate In My Kitchen Remodel?

Absolutely! You can incorporate pull-out pantries, corner drawers, or overhead hanging racks for pots. Consider installing toe-kick drawers for rarely used items. It's your kitchen, so make it work for you with innovative storage solutions.

Can I Live Elsewhere During My Kitchen Remodel And How Would That Affect The Project's Timeline?

Absolutely, you can live elsewhere during your kitchen remodel. It won't affect the timeline. In fact, it'll likely speed things up as contractors won't need to work around your daily routine.


You've weathered the storm of a kitchen remodel, and it's time to celebrate. Remember, patience, planning, and flexibility were your best allies.

You've learned to adapt, manage chaos, and even cook in a makeshift kitchen. It was tough, but you came out stronger.

Now, it's time to enjoy your new, beautiful kitchen. Pat yourself on the back, relish in your hard work, and remember - you didn't just survive the remodel, you thrived.

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